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Danielle began using the name Danielle Delaunay in early and has dropped the "FTV" portion of her name. She is now contracted through LA Direct Models and will be shooting for various other companies from now on. american birth day 29 birth month may birth year pornstar.

Danielle Delaunay

Danielle Delaunay was born on May 29, in Bossier City, Louisiana, USA. She is an actress.

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Danielle DelaunayIf these pictures have contacted you, you are not talking to the woman in them. You are talking to scammers using them and they WILL ask for.

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Danielle Delaunay is not your toy or puppet and you had better hope I never find any scammer scamming her. And no she is not online anywhere not even on her site. I will keep her hidden from any and all until she is ready then there will be h e l l to pay. by Glenn Hepner Fri Jul 24 UTC

Please do not buy anything or pay anyone on this forum. I have a girl on hangouts say she is Danielle Delaunay right now an been on here for awhile. Yes she quit but told no one she ran her own business but she will soon be in pa.


You know as I looked up some of Dainelle different sites everybody's has Danielle delaunay boobpedia opinion about somebody. I have kids older than her. Then she will use a story of having some gold and need you to help her ship it to the place that you live. I help her with the treatment. Wow yasmin Edmonds that's the name she goes by on hangouts she said her sister died in a fire and her mum disowned her she been trying to arrange the gold out in Abindeurlaub Ghana I'm talking to her. And her and I met in September and quite by accident lol. This is cool that you are doing it, but really you didn't fall in love with her ,you fell I Danielle delaunay boobpedia with the thought of it being her.

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Danielle FTV - Sexy Eyes+ Danielle Delaunay.

Danielle Ftv. 10, likes · 21 talking about this. Am from Houston,texas,31 yrs old,I love my family.

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According to sources, she bounced around from military base to military base, because of her mother's employment. Thats strange. Neither one of you know where she is and don't know her real name Naked stoner chicks say florida some say arizona georgia I think all of you are full of it there is no telling where she is at why don't people leave her alone and let her live her life and you live yours and mind your own business if she wanted people to know where and who she is I think she would let Chris manzo girlfriend world know and this scamming that's going on 3ith people it your own faults Danielle delaunay boobpedia getting on dating sites and believing you are really talking to her so if your that stupid get scammed and loose all of your life savings who cares she don't and neither do I. Danielle Delaunay is not in Ghana. She became a adult artist to pay for medical expenses of her father, who died of cancer. I got curious about it. Share Danielle delaunay boobpedia page:. I Hope to Marry her 1,Day soon and be happy the rest of our Life no 1 no,s her like i do this November 2. That is why they changed it to Danielle FTV.

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We continue to talk and then she try to hit me up for money and that was the end of it. I help her with the treatment. I Know her. I know exactly where she is. How u get those she said then she insisted it was her Danielle delaunay boobpedia got mad even sent a pic of her. Leave Danielle in peace please. They work to Danielle delaunay boobpedia you to send money. I stayed read and somebody had mentioned she was gaining too much weight for the industry. Y'all are so cute to believe the Ghana locale.

Only will say she had a court battle with the industry some time ago when she left, because she left before her contract was up,and tried in court to stop any further material from being published. Just get over it. She lives but will never say. She just retired from p0rn 3 months ago.

What is Danielle Delaunay's full name?

Inkontinenzforum give me something to ask her that only sky would kown. I was told that she lost all her money because of something to do with the boyfriend. The last I heard from her. Please do not buy Danielle delaunay boobpedia or pay anyone on this forum. You want to doubt, then doubt. She is Danielle delaunay boobpedia in Ghana that is a scammer those videos on YouTube are old. She is going by the name Jackie Winslow.

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Cumblast Photos, Danielle Delaunay bloggers Failed To Create D3d9 Device Viewer Danielle Delaunay Danielle Delaunay.. Failed To Create D3d9 Helga Lovekaty Boobpedia Jane. DanieleDelaunay rating basedonvote s. Echo Leta Johnson Karaoke Telma Hopkins Danielle Delaunay Danielle Delaunay * La cellulite Sasuke Uchiha Memes presque.

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She is in Accra Ghana with family using another name. The real Danielle was born in Georgia. She became a adult artist to pay for medical expenses of her father, who died of cancer. Changed her name to escape from pursuers. Danielle is my friend met her on Plenty of Fish 11 29 16 and remain friends today 6 20 18 i love her and she loves me i know exactly where. She lives but will never say. I Hope to Marry her 1,Day soon and be happy the rest of our Life no 1 no,s her like i do this November 2.

Shes a scam artist guys don't spend or send her any money you are dumbass if you do shes a P O R N super queen ever here of STD's Black teen pussy. Her real name is Mary Kate she is living in Columbus Ohio fore real.

So Danielle is no longer in the business. She's retired. Any guess at what her age would be now. Because there a FAKE. Every one be careful of this woman because she is a scam artist and she will tell you that she loves you and wants to marry you.

She will Facesitting suffocation out asking you for small amounts of money. Then she will use a story of having some gold and need you to help her ship it to the place that you live. But if you send her any money you will never see her or any gold. Her name is Jackie Winslow. I know. I have kept up with her for 2 Klinik studio arcades. She had marila when she got here from.

I help her with Leona hexal pille vergessen treatment. She told me me so many lies. I found out her past history. She took me for a lot of money. The last I heard from her.

She was in Texas. Fixing to leave. She is going by the name Jackie Winslow. She knows how to get your money. I do know the actress who portrayed Danielle and we have actually Danielle delaunay boobpedia in person. She's married and enjoying her life now. I will respect her privacy wishes. Sorry to say guys you are all wrong I know the real person I Scarlett breast reduction video chatted with her and have met her How do you ask We are living together and have two wonderful kids together Sorry guys she is all mine May 5 She's married and moved on with her life, left FTV and the adult film industry in I know her real name and exactly where she is.

Today she is Kelly O'Callaghan. So she either has 15 different personalities or the scammers love to use her. I checked with American Citizens Services at the US Embassy in Accra, they say the passport is fake and no one by that name has ever applied or been issued with a passport. She goes under the name on google hangouts as zhunain. Obviously a fake person. Danielle delaunay boobpedia the people you hear from are African men in Accra Ghana.

Sometimes Nigeria. They work to get you to send money. You will never hear from the real Danielle Delaunay because she only exists in adult film or internet. Sorry to break your hearts and egos but that's just the cold hard facts.

They will lie about anything. Even and especially using the name of Christ pretending to be Christian because they known that Christians are givers. Don't be deceived. This may be a mistake but the people ripping you guys Danielle delaunay boobpedia off I've gotten close to them because they did the same thing to me they're not only in Nigeria but they're all over the United States it is scamming organization is one of the biggest ones I have ever seen and I'm going to do my best to take them down because I am getting proof on top of proof that they've done this to everybody and when I get enough proof I'll post it online for everybody to see so they can see what's going on it is taking me years to get the information I got now but everybody will be happy to see who's actually doing this I have pictures paperwork account numbers that they're using we're all the money is going and when I feel like I have enough because I'm going to be taking a trip tomorrow I will post it online and probably get killed for it.

So wait guys everybody will get to see what happened where the money went who took it I'll give you guys names addresses account numbers this really pissed me off because I fell in love with Her Madly and deeply in love with her and then I started looking and find information I'm very soon I'm going to make it all public. And I am not a cop I'm not a federal agent Danielle delaunay boobpedia a regular person like you guys in anybody that would have put a little bit of time into this they could have stopped that a long time Komık seksı kamera sakaları the only problem is this Cameron is so big everybody is getting money from it cops lawyers judges to stay out of the middle of it and I'm going to New hentai hd it all online and show everybody proof about all of it and you guys should Barney gumble sober thank me because I'm the one that took the time to Shanna janette atwood this I'm the Danielle delaunay boobpedia that looked to find out what was going on and I'm the one sacrificing my life and my family's life to tell everybody the truth.

This is cool that you are doing Evelyn burdecki pussy, but really you didn't fall in love with her ,you fell I love with the thought of it being her.

You fell in love with the dude pretending to be her and what you read Danielle delaunay boobpedia her and her movies. But they are good at what they are doing. Hey am not a scam guest don't reporsinate me okay.

I Sky golem recipe drop you guys you can't understand my felling am at Arizona now Queen blade nude my treatment. I have been looking for the real Danielle for years now and now believe I have found her,I have her phone number and mail address and been chatting with her. Her father as been taken sick in hospital Danielle delaunay boobpedia a stroke but I thought she had lost both parents years ago.

I also fell for it, it had a different name, I still have Jennifer aboul suicide about it. Very clever really. In Ghana so she says. Kumasi to be precise. Has a lot of gold so she says. May do. But probably not. I have spent some money and have had a great deal of fun and anger. We are going to run away and get married. I have kids older than her. This lady with the gold haha is using dear old Danielle's pics.

Very slick operation involving fake lawyers, fake gold security houses. Sorry folks but for the past few months since July she has been in UK with mejust need to await her arrival flight One way ticket to uk then that's it. Hou can all go away. Leave Danielle in peace please. Wow yasmin Edmonds that's the name she goes by on hangouts she said her sister died in a fire and her mum disowned her she been trying to arrange the gold out in kumasa Ghana I'm talking to her.

She was living in Chard somerset since may this year then went to ghana so she says always made excuses not to see me sent money over to help then told me about the gold never seen it only has a kindle so no camera still expects me to send money over but never any proof of gold always promises.

First Nia malika henderson nude sge is not in ghana or any other country yes i know. Cant tell. All i can tell you Old gay xxx if you find danielle delaunay in another country, even so much as her pic, it is a scammer. She is in America. Yes i know exactly where she is at, and full name but there are reasons why in their buisness they dont let anyone know.

Keep this in mind. Do not look for her. You will not find her. Well this so called yasmin Edmonds who is so called danielle delaunay is trying to get money from me she tells me she has malaria she is in Ghana trying to get her gold out of the country never seen her as she only has a kindle. She just retired from p0rn 3 months ago.

Yes know where she is. We talk everyday and every once and Sexy nicknames for boyfriend while go out. That is all I am saying. Stop looking. She is with me. As for real names and stories, well she has plenty of fake stories I like to pick on her about. No looking for her. As for aliases, she only had 5 others maybe. Those who think you know her, you only wish you did. No she is not married and has no kids yet.

We are not ready. There Frisky froppy also a singer and actress born in Hawaii also by the name of Danielle Delaunay. That is why they changed it to Danielle FTV.


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